A Little Nervous



Bill Salt, Wilson County band member here. As the title of this post implies, I have been just a little nervous about this whole blog thing. This is not only Wilson County's first blog post ever, it's also mine. I have known for quite a while now that having a blog to share with y'all is really important but my lack of experience in writing blog posts, or even reading them, gave me pause. As I continued to think about the whole thing I realized something very encouraging...This blog is just a conversation with friends, so what's to be nervous about? After all, I write songs for you to listen to; I write all the Wilson County Facebook Page posts, comments and replies; I maintain our website; so what"s the big deal about writing a blog? And all of us, Jeff, Bruce, Brady, and myself do consider y'all friends. It is my hope (a really big one) that all y'all will post comments and share your thoughts here so it truly is a conversation among friends!  I am not sure how often I will post to this blog... I have no schedule in mind. I will certainly engage with you on your posts to this blog, but will only post something here when I feel compelled to share something with you

So, until next time, listen to some good tunes (Wilson County tunes preferable), dance a step or two, SMILE, and be kind to everyone you encounter!



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