Bottom Of The Deck

In March, Wilson County will release its 2nd album Bottom Of The Deck.  We have already released 2 track, Daddy Daughter Dance, and the title track of the new album. We are excited and hope you are as well!

The how/why I wrote Bottom Of The Deck is kind of interesting and amusing. Being here in Texas, I have picked up on many of our Texas sayings. In fact, you have probably seen many of them on our FB page. I have a good friend in Florida (originally from Staten Island, NY just like me) who I converse with from time to time on the phone. During our conversations, I would use some of these colloquialisms and she would invariably laugh and ask what the heck I just said. This happened enough times that I thought these sayings might be enjoyed by you as well... hence the FB posts. After putting up those posts I got to thinking that it would be fun to incorporate a bunch of these colloquialisms in a song and Bottom Of The Deck is the result. 

If you enjoy the song half as much as I enjoyed writing it, then I will consider it a success! One thing you will have to agree with me on is that the song is certainly not "as common as cornbread!"

Until next time, listen to some good tunes (preferably Wilson County), dance a step or two, SMILE, and be kind to everyone you encounter!


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