Daddy Daughter Dance: The Backstory

Have you had a wedding in your family? Are you, or someone in your family planning one? Or a friend? Have you ever been to a wedding? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you know one of the more touching moments is the father daughter dance. I know... I have had three such moments in my life with each of my daughters. The most recent was this past January when my "baby" got married to a great guy who happens to play bass for Wilson County... Brady.

In planning the wedding, Blair (my daughter) and I wanted a waltz for the Father-Daughter dance and she asked Jeff (Wilson County band member and my #1 son-in-law) to find an appropriate one for us. Jeff agreed and began the search. After 6 weeks or so Jeff came to a realization. Guess how many non-romantically inclined waltzes there are, other than I Loved Her First by Heartland? NONE! Or at least none that Jeff could find. So he went to plan B which, as everyone agrees, turned out light-years better than plan A. He told Blair that he had some ideas for a song, a waltz, and would it be ok with her if he wrote the song for the Father-Daughter dance. Blair said yes and the result was Daddy Daughter Dance. Jeff got a friend to make a  recording of him singing solo and playing solo guitar for the wedding. It was beautiful and there was hardly a dry eye in the house, including mine! 

Wilson County has recorded Daddy Daughter Dance adding drums, fiddle, dobro, Bill's guitar and harmonies but making no changes to the song itself. None were needed... Jeff has written an AWESOME song in Daddy Daughter Dance. Well... OK...  Jeff made one little change in the lyrics... I am Papa to my girls and at one point in the song the lyric was "...Papa loves you..." and he changed it to "...Daddy loves you..." since most folks use daddy. ;-)

We are excited beyond words to share this song with you and it will be the first new material Wilson County has released since September, 2016! Daddy Daughter Dance will officially be released on December 3rd! It is a track from our upcoming new album, Bottom of the Deck, which will be released in February, 2019.

Until then friend, listen to some good tunes, dance a step or two, SMILE, and be kind to everyone you encounter!


(The wedding pictures above are by The Tamarind Tree)

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