How about this...

Since we're still finishing up the last couple of tracks we're gonna release another single from the album. In fact, we might just keep releasing singles until all 10 are out there and THEN release them as an album. What do you think? That way you're not waiting so long for more Wilson County music that we know you love!

So, what song is next? Should I just arbitrarily decide? Should I give you a list and let you pick based on the song title alone? Should I throw the song titles in a hat a draw one? Should I ask my wife or a friend? How about "eeny meeny miney moe."? It could be Born To Love You or So Tight or Lovin' Me To The Bone. At least I have narrowed it down to three. Decisions, decisions. Guess I'll just have to choose...

And the winner is, (drum roll)

So Tight
Will be released September 20th
(abundant applause)

So Tight is a sweet, soft, love song written by Bill. It is about hurting from past life experiences, finding someone special, and wanting to know 

"Could you hold me so tight that all my broken pieces stick together,
Hold me so tight that I am once again whole,
Could you hold me so tight you get me through stormy weather,
Hold me so tight, show me peace in my soul."

Mark your calendars! We will put reminders out on both the Facebook page and our website to help you remember! ;-) Until then remember to listen to some good tunes, dance a step or two, SMILE, and be kind to everyone you meet!


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