It's Election Time

It's that time y'all...time to go vote. That being the case I think back to a song I wrote for our first album entitled We The People. I wrote the song at a time when I found myself completely disgusted with how politicians in Washington (Republicans and Democrats alike) worked, or perhaps I should say didn't work! I found myself so tired of them playing their political games at our expense that I wrote the song. I feel the same way today, perhaps even more so. Mind you, I do not care about Republicans or Democrats but about the long term well being of our country, meaning ALL the people of which it is comprised.

I hope you find the song meaningful and enjoy it! After listening to it, if you would like a copy of it I will be glad to personally send you one. Just give me your email address and I'll take care of it right away!

Until the next time, remember to listen to some good tunes, dance a step or two, SMILE, and be kind to everyone you encounter!


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