Who is Wilson County?

From Seguin, a small town in South Central Texas, Wilson County is beginning to turn heads on a global basis. Fans describe their songs as "America meets The Eagles."

In a sea of mediocre Americana Indie Folk Rock bands, Wilson County stands out not only because of their magnetic twist of folk-rock, country, blues, and bluegrass influences, or their layered three-part harmonies but their ability to capture a moment in a song, like a snapshot - but often revealing something deeper... lyrically simple but emotionally complex.

Their self released debut album"C.R. 434"  was very well received as evidenced by the 5 Star review given by Dixie McCorkel, CMA/CCMA/ECMA, of Triple Strand Productions: 
"Fabulous first album--can't wait to hear the rest! Great songs guys. I'd love to play some of these on my syndicated show "Country Legends In The Making" that reaches 400 am/FM stations around the world."

One fan at the album release party had this to say:
"Thank you for the wonderful celebration of your C.R.434 CD at the Court Street Coffee Shop in Seguin, TX, which was filled to capacity by cheering fans enjoying your highly-entertaining music of well-written songs!! I am so happy to keep the memory through my purchase of your CD!"
                                                                                                   -Laurie Boetchler

A post from another fan on the Wilson County Facebook page had this to say:
"Oh my gosh! In a world where there are so many, many different types, styles, and frankly just " noise " it's so, so cool to hear ya all playing something that I can really enjoy hearing over and over again. A helluva sound for sure, Encore! Encore"        - Dixie Luper 

And yet another Facebook post:
"Awesome, I love the harmony and great music."        -Billy Patterson


Wilson County at their C.R. 434 Album release party.

Wilson County at their C.R. 434 Album release party.

Although 2016 was a very exciting year for Wilson County as they released their first album "C.R. 434," 2018-19 is going to be even more exciting for them and their Fans! Wilson County has significantly upped their game with the addition of drums (Tony Morris) and a fiddle (Ron Knuth) into the mix! You've heard a couple of songs from our upcoming album, Bottom Of The Deck and wait 'til you hear the rest of the album which will be released in March, this year! 

Wilson County is setting the bar for Americana Indie Folk Rock bands which is most often dependent on touring as the primary means of gaining new fans and marketing. Three band members being fathers, all of them family men, and two of them still among ranks of the working, Wilson County has never set foot on a tour bus nor played any honky-tonk circuits in their career... maybe someday. But for now, they depend exclusively on their online presence which they will continue to grow and develop.